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March 30th
3:00 pm EDT

Finding the Seam

Auto-Detect Geology with Drones to Improve Blasting

Incorporating accurate geological seam data into your blast design can help avoid dangerous face ejections, ore loss, and prevent dilution. Now with drones and AI it's easier than ever to add geological data to your blast design.

Join Strayos COO and blasting expert Brad Gyngell

as he discusses how Drones & AI automatically detect bedding planes, joints, and faults. Model that information on your site's digital twin. See the planes, dip angle, and strike direction, then plan the perfect blast. Hear his predictions for the future of geological detection and surveying from drones.


✔️ Best flight patterns to collect quality data for geotechnical analysis

✔️ How to use geological seam data to adjust blast loading

✔️ How Hyperspectral Imaging can be used to define ore zones

✔️ How to maintain stand-offs when cast blasting or through seam blasting

✔️ To identify soft seams in quarries

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so you can learn ways to reduce the risk of fly rock, potentially save millions in lost ore by ensuring proper standoffs, prevent dilution and maximize ore recovery by effectively segregating adjacent ore zones, and so much more.

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Brad Gyngell

Brad helps mining companies maximize the value of their operations. He spent the first phase of his career helping over 100 sites optimize drill and blast activities as a mining engineer with the world's leading explosives providers Orica and Dyno Nobel.

He then expanded the scope of his support to encompass all commercial and operational functions by moving into management consulting with the top tier firm Boston Consulting Group. As COO of Strayos, Brad leads the development of AI solutions that combine visual and operational data sources to solve tangible use cases for mine operators.

Brad holds a B Eng (Mining Engineering) from UNSW and an MBA (Finance, Entrepreneurship) from Carnegie Mellon University. 

March 30th
3:00 pm EDT